Standing Figures takes inspiration from the well-known bowtie intersections of New York streets that produce exceptional building shapes such as the Flatiron wedge. Producing new wedges in both plan and elevation, the subdivided volumes are aligned at their intersections to create a playfully tilting composition, aiming to evoke shared perspectives among the public during the holiday season.

From the tip of the wedge toward the Flatiron Building, the planar outlines of the design are revealed in their entirety as each shape gradually increases in height. From the opposite end looking north, a series of receding voids step down, creating a layering of forced perspective through the central gaps. The installation opens up from oblique angles to create views and events between figures.

Further animating the design’s optical effects are the volumes’ perforated mesh surfaces, creating festive overlays of color and pattern as the public interacts and circulates through the installation.

Type: Public Installation
Location: Flatiron Plaza, New York, NY
Date: 2018
Client: Flatiron/23rd St Partnership
Competition: Flatiron Public Plaza Holiday Design Competition 2018
Design: Office III