Aperture House

Featured in short film Modern Houses, 2016

Director: Matthew Dixon
Artistic Director: Matthew Ritchie
Starring: Lili Taylor, Mitchell Lichtenstein

Residence G

Hoboken, NY

Under construction

Lenticular Wall

Vancouver, BC

Under construction

Wave Tile

In production

Trio House Garden

Brooklyn, NY

General Contractor: Wood MGMT

Trio House

Brooklyn, NY

General Contractor: Wood MGMT

Residence RD

Brooklyn, NY

Designer: Stephanie Lin
Architect of Record: Audra Manzano Architect

Reframing the Tourist Gaze

San Francisco, CA


Objects of Perception

Instruments of perspective


Cyclide Controller

Effects controller


Variations on the Trefoil

Theater and Hotel
Chongqing, China

Super Natural

Athletic Facility and Park
Queens, New York, NY


Spectral analysis


Video and score

Video: Stephanie Lin
Instrumentals: Stephanie Lin (electric guitar), Robert Pietrusko (vibraphone)